We are located in one of the best areas of Madrid, in a very discreet place where we want you to feel at home. We give and ask for maximum discretion.

In a quiet and cozy atmosphere, we have ensured that every detail fills you with peace, tranquility and security.

The massage is given in bed (more erotic) or on a stretcher (more therapeutic) or option to both.

In ALL our appointments we have disposable sheets, new and clean towels, disposable slippers and disposable shower sponge. EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU.

Mouthwash, gel, deodorant; all you need.

If you need anything else, just ask for it!

Yes! Showering is mandatory upon arrival even if you come neat. And you can take a shower at the end of the appointment, or whenever you like.

We want you to know that in our center we do not discriminate under any circumstances based on age, appearance, weight, sexual orientation, etc, etc.

We all believe that the most important thing is to treat others well, regardless of these aspects.

We are here to relax, to enjoy, to have fun.

Modern facilities, impeccable and close and unbeatable treatment!

And remember!

Everything in life must have a balance

Be kind, seek peace for the mind and you will get health for your body


Telephone: +34632717354


Ask us for an appointment (we only take appointments on the same day)


Thanks once again and we hope to see you soon!